Elevator Improvements and Greener Technology is Going Up

Elevator Improvements and Greener Technology is Going Up
By Pamela Johnson

elevator equipment being upgraded

More than a dozen elevators at five city-owned parking facilities are getting upgrades as part of the SFMTA Parking Facilities Elevator Upgrade project.

There will be 14 elevators at the Polk-Bush, Vallejo, Union Square, Sutter-Stockton and Moscone Center garages receiving improvements, which include a shift to greener technology. In addition to mechanical and electrical upgrades, elevators are also getting interior renovations such as new flooring, ceilings, LED lighting and wall panels.

“We are excited that the new elevators are being built using greener technology,” said Ted Graff, Director of Parking and Curb Management. “The improvements will have a positive environmental impact, allowing the elevators to operate with less carbon emissions, energy consumption and at a reduced cost.”

Dave Dunham, Parking Facilities Manager, went on to say, “The upgrades are significant. Getting parts to repair the aged elevators has been challenging and even more so at Moscone, where they are a unique model. Very few of them are currently in operation in the U.S.”

The upgrades to the elevators will enhance rider safety, reliability, performance and offer a better customer experience. Patrons will receive an enhanced ride quality with smoother acceleration, deceleration, less noise and vibration.

All parking facilities will remain open while the work is completed this fall.

To evaluate the new elevator upgrades, the SFMTA will track the following metrics: 

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Maintenance requests
  • Number of technicians’ calls
  • Maintenance costs

Elevator Safety Tips

  • Stand clear of the doors – keep clothes and carry-ons away from the opening
  • Never try to stop a closing door, wait for the next car
  • Push and hold the “DOOR OPEN” button if doors need to be held open
  • If the doors do not open when the elevator stops, push the “DOOR OPEN” button.

Schindler Elevator Corporation, one of the world’s leading providers of elevators, escalators and moving walks has been contracted to complete the upgrades under the project supervision of EF Brett & Company, Inc.

To see the elevator upgrades schedule and learn more about the elevator modernization project, please visit the SFMTA Parking Facilities Elevator Upgrades webpage.

Published September 20, 2019 at 08:22PM

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