Federico Angioni, author of the story “Lethal Bird The Autistic Superheroine. Chapter 1

Federico Angioni, born in Cagliari on August 21, 1995, lives in Monserrato, is the author of the story “Lethal Bird The Autistic Superheroine.”  The story will make us live the adventures of an autistic girl that she decides she wants to be a superheroine.  Her autism will become her “superpower”.  With this story, the author wants to give a redemption to both women and autistics, making the characters live fantastic stories, emphasizing issues of social awareness. There will be many food for thought, we wish you a good reading.
Lethal Bird The Autistic Superheroine
 Jenny Mirth is a wonderful little girl.  Indeed special.  She is the daughter of Jill Mirth, a famous actress who works in the city of Grey City.
 Jill’s husband Jeremy sadly died in an accident when Jenny was still very young.
 Jeremy was a man who respected women, going so far as to adopt his wife’s surname after marriage.  In fact, Jenny has her mother’s surname.
 Unfortunately, Jenny is different from other children for one particular reason: she is autistic.  Unfortunately because of this she has never had any friends except one: Claire, a girl who is 4 years older than Jenny, a very large girl.
 Jenny and Claire get to know each other thanks to Claire’s mother, a very large woman who is Jill’s bodyguard.
 Claire’s father is a Wrestling champion as big as Hulk Hogan, who, however, was unable to devote himself to his family to pursue a wrestling career.
 Jenny Mirth, despite her autism, has always been an almost normal girl, who has always done well in school.
 In fact, a Japanese man named Tadao noticed her and felt enormous admiration for her.
 Jenny, however, was afraid because there is a man named Raul Chill, her mother’s ex-boyfriend, who mercilessly persecutes her mother by targeting her too.  Tadao decides to teach her all martial arts, to her and also to a Chinese girl named Shulan.
 Claire was really happy for Jenny and she too decides to train to be a Wrestling champion as her father, while Jenny, along with Shulan, is trained in martial arts.
 Jenny Mirth is now 18 years old, and has become a beautiful girl with long brown hair tied to a ponytail and has brown eyes and a slim and athletic but also sensual and busty physique, while Shu Lan, is a handsome 21-year-old girl with black hair in long-medium scaled bob.  Jenny has formed a beautiful friendship with Shulan, but she remains deeply attached to Claire.
 Jenny faces the last days of highschool.  For Jenny, highschool was not pleasant, in fact there was a boy who bullied the most fragile boys, while she was made fun of by the Cheerleader girls.  One day this bully was targeting his favorite victim, a slightly chubby kid named Jimmy.  Jenny goes to the bully: “I won’t let you hurt him anymore”
 The bully: “Are you the handicapped of the school?  Good.  I’ll give you a good lesson! ”  The bully tries to beat her, but Jenny dodges her blows and then parries them and finally punches him in the face knocking him out and leaving everyone dry.  Jimmy shows his gratitude to Jenny.
 Jenny manages to graduate and to join her there are her mother, Shulan, Tadao, and her best friend Claire, who has become a very tall and very big 22 year old girl but with beautiful feminine graces and beautiful long blue hair .
 Claire congratulates Jenny by hugging her, and then they look at each other, and they both blush.  They were both experiencing strong emotion
 Tadao invites Jenny to him because he wants to reward her by giving her a suit.
 “This is the costume of Lethal Bird, a superhero who is destined to bring justice to the city of Grey City and you are worthy of it Jenny Mirth.”
 The costume is a light blue combat suit with green gloves, green shoes, a green gadget belt, a green bird symbol, and a light blue eye mask.
 Jenny hugs Tadao.
 Jenny is on her way home but finds the police at home.  She gets alarmed.
 She is greeted by a policeman, Johnny Stuart, a longtime friend of her father, who informs her that her mother was killed by Raul Chill.
 Raul Chill beat Jill to death, taking advantage of a moment when her bodyguard, Claire’s mother, was not there.
 Jenny collapses in desperate tears, Claire and her mother arrive.
 Claire’s mother starts to cry, asking Jenny’s forgiveness for not protecting her.
 Jenny: “It’s not your fault”
 Claire: “Jenny I …”
 Jenny: “Sorry Claire.  I need to be alone “
 Jenny runs away.
 Claire cries silently: “Jenny, my love …”
 Jenny Mirth is in the throes of a strong rage.  She wants to avenge her mother.  She decides to wear the Lethal Bird costume and goes hunting for Raul Chill.
 Raul hides on a roof in an abandoned building.  Raul is satisfied with himself.
 Here he is in front of this girl.
 “What do you want bitch?”
 Lethal Bird: “Get very hurt for what you did to Jill Mirth.”
 The man attacks her and she immediately lashes out at him and begins to beat him.
 She punches and kicks him in every part of his body, she heads him, and bites him by sinking her teeth into those filthy hands with which he killed her mother.
 Raul, very badly reduced: “Please!  Have mercy!  Who are you?!”
 She: “I am Hope.  I am the Freedom.  I am Lethal Bird ”.
 The man is afraid: “No!  I beg you!  Spare me! “
 Raul tries to react but in doing so he trips and falls from the roof, dying.
 She looks at the corpse with hatred.
 Jenny stays at her house alone to think.  She cries silently because she misses her mother.  Her friend Shulan and Jimmy Carter, her schoolmate who she saved from the bully, a slightly chubby boy with short black hair, give her their condolences.
 Meanwhile, news is spread of a Superheroine known as Lethal Bird who has avenged Jill Mirth.
 Meanwhile Claire has become a Wrestler known as Debora Ruth.
 Jenny Mirth cannot forget the nightmare that Raul Chill was for her mother.
 So as soon as she gets the chance, as Lethal Bird, she beats up and brings to justice every violent man who hurts every woman.
 Thanks to the figure of Lethal Bird, women begin to raise their heads, to react, to defend themselves.  Every criminal fears this Superheroine.  Claire’s mother visits Jenny.
 The woman realizes that Jenny is Lethal Bird and she starts an argument.
 Claire arrives and hears everything.
 Claire’s mother: “What you do is crazy!  Do you want to die like your mother ?! “
 Jenny: “What do you see when you look at me?  The little girl whose shoes Mom always tied or who she took to school?  I am reacting!  I am helping many women who live in worse situations than my mother experienced! “
 Claire’s mother: “You don’t understand …….”
 Jenny: “Let me finish!  If a violent man hesitates to beat a woman it is out of fear!  I am that fear!  And I want to stalk those beasts as long as I live!
 I will not end badly!  Those animals will end badly! “
 Claire’s mother leaves.
 Claire walks in and finds Jenny crying.
 Jenny as soon as she sees Claire: “Please don’t judge me, I’m Lethal Bird”
 Claire: “I don’t judge you Jenny.  I want to help you.  I want to fight crime by your side.  I want to be Swallow, your shoulder. “
 Jenny: “How long have you known I was Lethal Bird?”
 Claire: “Right away.  In fact, I made the costume “
 Claire shows Jenny a blue combat suit with a white swallow symbol on her chest, and a blue mask.
 Jenny: “Why?”
 Claire: “Because I love you Jenny.  I’ve always loved you since we were little.  I always desire you”
 Jenny: “I love you too.  And I want you too.  I really want to make love with you. “
 Jenny and Claire get naked.  They look at eachother.  Claire wraps Jenny in her arms and they kiss.
 Jenny gets on the bed and Claire lays on top of her, and they keep kissing, lost in a world of their own.  Then they go to sleep with Claire holding Jenny, who feels safe, peaceful.
Swallow, Lethal Bird’s Girlfriend
 To wake up Jenny and Claire in the early morning is a nice white Bichon Frisé dog named Minnie.
 Minnie is a dog who has always been Jenny’s best friend since she was 10.  Minnie is definitely Jenny’s best memory of her mother.
 Minnie wakes Jenny about her by licking her face and partying, and then greets Claire too.
 Jenny actually has to think about who will look after the dog while she and Claire are away.
 Jimmy wonders how he can repay Jenny.
 So Jenny asks him to look after the house and not to make the dog miss anything.  Jimmy gladly accepts
 Grey City becomes the city where the two Superheroines known as Lethal Bird and his huge companion Swallow are watching, two Superheroines who are becoming the hope of many women, who finally react, and earn many admirers among cops and nerds.
 Lethal Bird and Swallow have no trouble showing their love affair, helping many people not feel ashamed for who they are, especially homosexuals.
 Unfortunately, however, Lethal Bird has to deal with the Haters, especially those who write so many bad and cruel things.
 Jenny is unable to slip them on but thanks to Claire she calms down, especially when she learns that these haters are arrested by the police thanks to Jimmy, who, remaining anonymous, tracks them down and sends everything to the police.
 However, these two superheroines earn the respect and admiration of Margaret Wilson, the President of the United States.
 Margaret is a young woman with red hair tied in a ponytail.
 Margaret fought very hard to get elected as President of the United States and tried to be an American symbol.  However, she has to deal with a politician who embodies all the worst in America who tries to put her in a bad light to become the new president of the United States.
 A politician that Americans apparently like: misogynist, racist, homophobic, transmophobe, who encourages people to hate everything that is different, does everything he can to be appreciated by the ignorant crowd, and above all he is probably a founding war.
 The criminals are really bothered by the presence of Lethal Bird and Swallow, and so they organize a meeting to decide how to kill them, but they have no ideas.
 Here comes a mysterious 25-year-old woman with very long hair of an unsightly purple color, which is the same color as her eyes, and wears a purple and black colored combat suit, and wears a black mask around her eyes and eyes. has a black belt for gadgets.
 “Hello everyone”
 One of the criminals: “Who are you?”
 The woman: “I am Redrum”
 Another criminal: “Give me a reason not to take your head off your shoulders”
 Redrum puts a blank sheet on the table: “Now I will perform a magic in which I will turn this sheet red without using pencils or brushes.
 The criminal approaches to try to punch her but she takes him and violently bangs his head on the paper, staining it with blood and killing the criminal.
 Redrum: “Tah Dah!”
 Criminals ask her what she wants.
 Redrum begins: “Guys, until a few years ago no woman dared to face any of you men.  What happened?  You no longer have the balls?  I’ll tell you what the problem is.  Lethal Bird.  Lethal Bird has shown your true nature unfortunately.  It is she who is making women react strongly to the abuses of men “
 Criminals: “What are you proposing?”
 Redrum: “Killing Lethal Bird.  And I can do it without problems “
 Criminals: “So why haven’t you already done it”
 Redrum: “It is not convenient to put your talent at the service of others for free”
 Criminals: “How much do you want?”
 Redrum: “18 billion dollars”
 Criminals: “You’re crazy!”
 Redrum: “It doesn’t matter.  If we don’t deal with Lethal Bird, women will end up with equal rights to men “
 A criminal: “This whore talks too much!”
 Redrum takes out a bomb: “Let’s avoid problems, this bomb is programmed to explode as soon as something happens to me”
 The criminals calm down: “Okay, we rely on you Redrum”
 Redrum laughs madly and leaves.
Redrum, Lethal Bird’s Nemesis
 In a neighborhood of Gray City where Shulan lives, strange thefts by Japanese American boys take place.
 Shulan decides to intervene and goes to the places where the thefts occur and stops the boys.
 At a certain point some strange ninjas arrive, each with a head cover in which the Japanese Kanji which means respect is drawn.  The ninjas attack Shulan but she manages to repel them but they are very resistant.  After a hard duel, Shulan sends them away.
 Shulan visits Jimmy.
 Jimmy: “Hi Shu Lan.  What do you need?”
 Shu Lan: “We need to talk.”
 In a huge building, a 40-year-old Japanese woman with long straight black hair is eating Sushi and one of the Japanese Americans shows up to apologize: “Lady Tanken.  I ask your forgiveness.  A Chinese girl prevented me from committing the thefts “
 Lady Tanken: “Enough”
 The American Japanese: “My Lady, I promise you that the next one will not disappoint you”
 Lady Tanken: “Quiet.  You will not disappoint me anymore.  Never again.”
 The American Japanese is terrified: “No my lady!  I beg you!”
 The doors close.
 The American Japanese: “Nooooooooo”
 Lady Tanken laughs
 The exploits of Lethal Bird and Swallow also gave the strength to react to a black girl named Ellie, a 25-year-old girl with long straight black hair.
 Ellie is the daughter of the mayor of Grey City, a very good man but despised by the people because she is black.
 Ellie is a martial arts champion, she is a black belt of several disciplines.  But sadly, her tournament victories have always been scorned on the grounds that most of the audience was racist.
 Ellie admires Lethal Bird, Swallow and Shulan and decides to become a Superhero by adopting the name Sugar, putting all those who commit crimes related to the issue of racism behind bars.
 Sugar is also highly regarded.
 Ironically, Ellie will be friend of Jenny Mirth, aka Lethal Bird, because she volunteers to help Jenny study for college.
 Shu Lan and Jimmy are keeping an eye on her and believe that she should join forces and form a group
 Jenny Mirth and Claire live together.  Claire, working in Wrestling under the name Debora Ruth earns enough money to be able to eat, keep the house in good condition and above all feed Minnie, Jenny’s dog.  Minnie is a very affectionate, obedient and also intelligent dog.
 Jenny is home alone with the dog.  Someone rings at the door: “Jenny, it’s me.  Johnny Stuart.  Will you let me in? “
 Jenny opens the door to the policeman: “Save Mr. Stuart”
 Johnny: “Are you better?”
 Jenny: “Yes, thank you”
 Johnny shows Jenny one thing: “It’s a Nutella cake made by my wife.  We know you’re crazy about it. “
 Jenny looks at the cake in anticipation and can’t wait to eat a piece.
 Then Johnny shows Jenny a photo that shows Jenny as a child with her parents Jill Mirth and Jeremy Mirth.
 In the photo Jenny’s mother was very young.
 Jill gave birth to Jenny when she was only 18, while Jeremy was 30.
 Jenny doesn’t know much about her father, she only knows that he was an excellent screenwriter who respected women and in fact when he married Jill, he adopted his wife’s surname as a sign of respect and Jenny was also baptized with her mother’s surname.
 Jenny’s father sadly died following an accident when she was only 3 years old.
 Jenny had a beautiful relationship with her mother, they were friends, accomplices on every occasion, but she too died because of a bad man who did not respect her.
 Johnny tells Jenny: “Your father was a kind man, out of the ordinary.  He was like a brother to me.  And your mother was the best thing that ever happened to him.  You are the only memory I have of them.  If you need something, I’ll be there for you.  Give me a call”
 Jenny: “Thanks Johnny”
 Jenny greets the policeman, then goes to the kitchen and cuts herself a nice piece of cake and eats it: “Very good”
 Meanwhile, a boy named Eric, a 16-year-old boy with short blond hair, who also suffers from a very mild form of autism, is entering the world of crime.
 Unfortunately unlike Jenny, Eric has always been alone and no one has ever loved him.
 So he fell into a bad depressive malaise that leads him to drink many bottles of Coca Cola a day not caring about his health.
 One day he was approached by the mysterious Lady Tanken who talks to him about Lethal Bird, and she reveals to him that she is autistic like him, causing him to be devoured by her envy.
 Lady Tanken gives him a new drink which he becomes addicted to and which he has to drink continuously in order to feel good and calm the malaise.
 Eric because of Lady Tanken begins to make a massacre of all those who have wronged him.
 He then he does everything to get Lethal Bird’s attention with very heavy messages written on her walls and challenging her.
 Lethal Bird accepts the challenge and decides to face him.
 Lethal Bird and Eric meet in front of a video game store that has closed because it went out of business.
 Lethal Bird: “You seem very much in the mood to fight”
 Eric: “I know perfectly well that you are autistic.  I am too.  And that’s why I hate you.  Because you are a Superheroine and I am not worth anything!  I can’t accept it!  I’m going to kill you now because that’s right “
 Lethal Bird and Eric face off in a duel with blows.
 Lethal Bird fights by putting his martial arts prowess while Eric fights like a bloodthirsty beast due to the drinks he made him take.
 After a hard duel Lethal Bird, with a lot of effort, comes out the winner: “Now it’s over Eric, now the police will take you away and you will be helped by psychiatrists”
 Eric runs away but can’t get very far because the malaise is too strong.
 Then Eric takes out a strange can that Lady Tanken gave him and remembers his words: “When the malaise is really bad, drink this.  And I promise you that you will no longer suffer. “
 Eric drinks the drink and falls to the ground, dying peacefully.
 The police take the body away and show it to the coroner, who after examining it remains speechless.
 According to the coroner’s report, the drinks the boy ingested were ugly drugs of an unknown nature and despite the constant searches of the police, it is not possible to trace who made them.
 Jenny thinks about that boy and feels a strong fear because if she didn’t have so many people next to her who loved her most likely she would have become like him or worse.
 Claire comes home late to find Jenny still awake.
 Claire: “My love.  Why are you still awake?  What’s up?”
 Jenny: “Please hug me”
 Claire lies down nearby
 to Jenny and hugs her by kissing her on the forehead.
 Jenny recovers some serenity and goes to sleep after saying: “I love you Claire”
 Claire: “I love you too.  Good night my Love”
 The two in love fall asleep
 Jimmy finally manages to create a reunion between Jenny, Claire, Shulan and Ellie.
 Jimmy: “I finally managed to reunite my friends.  Girls.  You are all exceptional.  You all have great potential.  United you can be unbeatable against evil.  And in fact we have the opportunity to prove it “
 Jimmy turns on the TV where the news is shown on every channel that a dangerous serial killer named Redrum has taken the President of the United States hostage.
 The four girls go to the President’s rescue.
 They enter the White House.
 Here the four find themselves in front of the dangerous Redrum.
 The charm of Redrum has an unknown frightening effect.
 Redrum: “Oh Lethal Bird, my little sparrow”
 Lethal Bird: “Why are you angry with the President?”
 Redrum: “She was just a decoy.  It’s you I wanted.  And your friends are worth nothing to me.  I want only you.  I know you are autistic.  And that’s why you are special. “
 Lethal Bird: “Do you want to kill me?”
 Redrum: “No.  You complete me.  What do I do without you?  Do I kill random people?  I’ve known you since you were a little girl.  I know for sure that you and I together can form a true duo.  Instead you stay with that thug.  You do not understand.  You are like me.  And I’ll have you one day “
 Lethal Bird is agitated and Swallow: “You will not touch my beloved.”
 Swallow attacks Redrum.
But Redrum defeats Swallow easily.
 Shulan: “This is a Psychopath!  Let’s stick her together! “
 The four girls attack her but she manages to stand up to all four “
 The duel has no winners, Redrum frees The President.
 Redrum: “We will see you again soon my sweet Lethal Bird.”
 The girls apologize to the President but she: “Girls.  You saved my life.  And from now on you will have my support “
 Then the President approaches Lethal Bird: “You are to be admired, Lethal Bird.  Despite your autism you are a true heroine “
 The President shows her gratitude to the Superheroines by providing them with a base under Jenny Mirth’s house where Jimmy will be the team coordinator, the behind-the-scenes collaborator, the computer genius and the strategist.
 The happy five give each other a big hug.  Then everyone thanks Jenny.
 Jenny has given a twist to Grey City.  Now Jenny has so many people to count on.
 Jenny hopes with all of her that her parents, if they are watching her from the sky, are proud of her